5 Step Model

The unique 5 step model lies at the heart of our coaching and training programmes. This has been refined after years of research and modeling of what makes successful people tick, and what makes teams work together productively. As well as being derived from experience, it also draws on the best ideas that leading experts recommend.


Ideas don’t just happen. It may feel like they do, but in reality they are created; and so the fundamental thing for any team to get right is the correct definition of precisely what it is that they want to achieve. Stating the intention positively, in such a way that it can almost be felt, stimulates everyone to explore every avenue that is available in order to turn things into reality. Also identifying potential obstacles, both physical and emotional, will greatly increase the chances of success. You’ll learn how state your intentions in a precise, motivating way, so that the whole team can sense the success. Getting this right is the foundation of successful teamworking.


If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Creative teams need to work together to identify a greatly expanded set of possibilities to experiment with, and the flexibility element introduces tools, techniques and attitudes that create more choice. Having more options means more chance of success.


Every action generates a result. It might not be exactly what the team intended, and all too often we slip into immediate judgement mode when faced with a ‘wrong’ result, which can prevent further action. However, it is still a result, and with the right attitude the team can use it to form the basis of learning and change. The way that we interpret our results and hence learn from feedback is crucial in determining whether the team is paralysed by failure or they learn and move on.


In order to get the most out of yourself and your team, you need to establish a positive, supportive atmosphere in which people (including you) have the confidence to take bold actions. Success lies beyond the boundaries of current experience and only people who have the courage to step beyond their current limits and thinking will achieve something new. In order to do that, you need to create a supportive team atmosphere in which people are free to experiment, and in this module you’ll understand the principles that great motivators use to get the best out of people.


Creative teamworkers can increase their effectiveness by paying careful attention to their interactions with others. This helps them to explore the thinking of others and hence get the best out of any situation. Words, language, actions, intentions and behaviours are all crucial in maximising team effectiveness and creativity. In the Challenge element you will learn the linguistic skills that you will need to get the best out of your interactions with others.

This 5 step model is used in our Coaching Sessions and taught as part of the Latent Creativity Training Course.