The Secrets of Lateral Thinking

Why attend the Secrets of Lateral Thinking?

Have you ever wondered how some people are natural experts at lateral thinking, and manage to just ‘have’ ideas? Have you ever wondered how ideas just pop into your head, and wished you could do it more often? Or even kicked yourself for not seeing the possibilities that others see?

If so, then the Secrets of Lateral Thinking is for you.

The Secrets of Lateral Thinking will give you access to techniques which will help you to become a more powerful thinker, and by constant application of the techniques, the lateral thinking process will become altogether more productive. You can use these techniques to stimulate creative thinking in all aspects of your life – business, relationships, and community.

What will I learn on The Secrets of Lateral Thinking?

The lateral thinking techniques that you will learn will enable you to:

  • identify all possible ‘big pictures’ for any situation
  • identify all of the details of any situation
  • find alternative interpretations of problems
  • establish links between any two objects
  • see things from other people’s perspectives
  • appreciate the difference between inductive and deductive thinking
  • use a non-logical thinking style

How is The Secrets of Lateral Thinking Structured?

Our lateral thinking training is a full day seminar which will be structured around classroom tuition and small group exercises. You will firstly learn about each technique, and then get to practice your new skills with the other attendees and have plenty of opportunity to learn how to apply these skills to your problems. The seminar is delivered at the client’s location, for up to 20 people. Costs start from £1450 plus VAT for UK clients.

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