Asia Specific Coaching

Living and working in a foreign culture is fraught with physical and emotional difficulties, concerns about cultural factors, and business etiquette.

For the individual, this creates stress, which reduces effectiveness and can strain relationships with colleagues. For their partners, it can be equally if not more unsettling and a strained relationship at home only worsens the effects for both.

For companies, it can range from an expensive mistake, loss of revenue, or loss of future business.

So if you want to go there and do it, seek the help from someone who’s been there and done it.

Ian Walton has lived in Japan and Thailand for a total of 10 years, and has managed people from almost all Asian countries, as well as European expatriates, so he is fully familiar with the difficulties of working in Asia and how to help people overcome them.

So whether it is your first business trip, or your first expatriation to Asia, Ian can be your coach, mentor, and guide through the difficulties that lie ahead, so that you can live and work successfully.

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