Training Seminars

We offer a range of private and public training seminars, which can be part of your company learning and development programme, teambuilding, off-site meeting, or your own personal development.

These seminars range from 2 hours to 2 days, and have been run in the UK, Europe, and Asia for clients including Tesco International, Pepsico, Philips, Bristol Myers, Unilever, Dow Corning, Sara Lee, The Institute of Directors, The Society of Cosmetic Scientists and Venturefest Oxford.

All of these are highly interactive seminars, designed to engage the audience and stimulate new creative perspectives, and structured around a problem that is relevant to each client’s business. So in addition to learning, you get some ideas about how to solve your problem.

Current seminars are:

How to Innovate
Principles and creative thinking techniques for consumer insight development and product development. 2 hours, private in house event.

Claims Design: How Form Follows Function
Principles for finding compelling product claims to drive marketing communications and product development strategies. 2 hours, private in house event.

Claims Development
Creative techniques for developing claims to successfully promote brands and technology. 2 days, public event.

Innovation Techniques
Our proprietary, tried and tested idea generation techniques to stimulate creativity. Half day, private in house event.

The Secrets of Lateral Thinking
How to combine creativity techniques that utilise different thinking styles to stimulate novel ideas. Half day, private in house event.

Latent Creativity
How to use idea generation techniques and positive behaviours to drive creative teamworking. 2 day, private in house event.

Confident Teamworking
Building confidence within teams that need to interact with diverse stakeholders outside and inside the business. 1.5 day, in house, private event.

From iDea to iDeal
Delivering Innovation; practical tools to grow your business. 1 day, public event.