Innovation Workshops

For new products, compelling claims, and implementation strategy

How does the IdeaShop process work?

The IdeaShop is specifically designed to work with both sides of the brain. That way, your team will be using their full mental capacity on the problem. The way that we do this is to understand the logic and current reality of the situation, and at the same time represent the problem in the form of analogies, metaphors, and stories which will appeal to the creative side of the mind. Together with idea generation techniques, this yields many new ideas, concepts and opportunities.

Post workshop coaching sessions will help to ensure that actions are followed up, new learnings are generated, so that the team learns and moves on.

In addition, because the attendees experience techniques that are used to stimulate creative thinking, for example lateral thinking, they can use this new learning in their everyday work.

As a result, you get maximum benefit – ideas, learning, and action, in a relatively short space of time.

What does it consist of?

There are three distinct phases:

Ready. In this phase, we discuss the problem with you and review what the current reality is; why it is important; and what you’ve tried in the past – what worked and what didn’t. We then develop ‘transformational metaphors’ which are stories that are used in the workshop to facilitate creativity, as well as other physical analogies to stimulate ideas.

Aim.This is the workshop itself, which will involve your wider team, (between 10 to 25 attendees). The team will review the current reality and engage in a range of activities to generate ideas. It is at this stage that your team will learn and use new creativity techniques, and so they will have something to apply in everyday work.

Fire! After the workshop, we collate the output, and review it with you to identify actions and responsibilities. We then follow up on these actions in coaching and review sessions with the team members. So often, when people get back to their ‘proper jobs’, the output of ideas sessions gets set aside in the face of firefighting. In this way we can help to ensure that your team is literally fired up to take action, learn, and move on.

What will the benefits be?

Just imagine what would happen for you, your team, and your business if:

  • You could generate new ideas and at the same time acquire the skills to enable you to become more creative in everyday work
  • You could create and stimulate a better, more creative teamworking environment
  • You had a coach to guide your team through the early implementation stages
  • …what would that feel like?