Latent Creativity

The spirit of Latent Creativity is contained in the Chinese proverb

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

At Coaching Ideas we recognise that within everyone’s character lies the ability to express a higher level of creative thinking and creative teamworking. Everyone can learn and benefit.

The Latent Creativity Seminar

The Latent Creativity Seminar contains thought-provoking exercises, tools and techniques that are based on the five key principles which are critical to creative thinking – Outcome, Flexibility, Feedback, Support and Challenge – techniques which you will be able to put into practice in everyday life and at work.
Post workshop coaching sessions will help to ensure that actions are followed up, new learnings are generated, so that the team learns and moves on.

Outcome – Know what you want

Set clear, precise, positive goals that automatically stimulate you to explore every avenue and possibility.

Flexibility – Expand Choice

Being creative requires a greatly expanded set of possibilities to experiment with, and this module introduces tools, techniques and attitudes that create more choices.

Feedback – Provide Positive Feedback

The way that we interpret our results is crucial in determining whether we are paralysed by failure or we learn and move on.

Support – Create a Supportive Atmosphere

Creativity lies beyond the boundaries of current experience and only people who have the courage to step beyond their current limits and thinking will achieve something new.

Challenge – Question Existing Thinking

Learn how to challenge limited thinking by paying attention to words and language patterns, and ensure that your actions, intentions and behaviours are all aligned to get the best out of your interactions with others.

How will it work?

Latent Creativity is a 2 day programme that is a blend of lecture, group exercises and discussion, which is also tailorable to meet specific business needs. It is delivered at the client’s location for up to 20 people. The costs start at £2990 plus VAT for UK clients.

What will the benefits be?

Just imagine what would happen for you, your team, and your business if:

  • You had at your fingertips a set of tools and techniques to stimulate creative thinking and better teamworking
  • You could see things from multiple perspectives
  • You had the skills to challenge existing thinking and support new ideas, and give and receive feedback in the most positive way

…what would that feel like?

Contact Us to discuss how this can be adapted to meet your business needs.