The core of the Coaching Ideas approach is giving you the ability to see situations from new perspectives. This is built into our coaching style which means that you will be able to experience that ‘aha!’ moment so that you can appreciate easier and quicker ways of getting results.

Coaching Ideas offers:

Personal Coaching over a period of time to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Coaching uses our own 5 step process for effective results, and is typically carried out over 4-8 sessions of 1-2 hours each, and of course the first session is entirely free and without obligation, so that you can experience the style before you pay anything.

Asia Specific Coaching for people who want to be able to function effectively in the Asian markets – whether it is for business or relocation as an expatriate.

With over 10 years experience as an expatriate in Asia, Ian, the Ideas Coach, is fully familiar with the problems of how to work effectively and live happily in foreign cultures. As well as coaching you to overcome the problems of working in Asia, Ian will also act as your mentor on sensitive cultural points which can really improve your chance of success.

Mentoring for product development and marketing professionals who would like an experienced sounding board to dicuss ideas and options, and to give an independent view on how to develop your career.

Confident Teamworking. The objective of this one and a half day seminar is to give individual teams a sense of increased confidence which will enable them to work more effectively with their stakeholders and peers, so that they can confidently co-develop ideas and accurately communicate their point of view.

As a result, participants will have an increased ability to understand and interpret the different points of view that other people have, Also, they will have increased confidence in interactions, using questioning and styles of expression to reframe ideas and agreements.