Creative Thinking

One of the key things to establish in any business is a creative attitude of mind, and a culture, which helps people and their ideas to flourish and succeed. The Coaching Ideas training programmes will help people to see situations from new perspectives.

The essence of the of our philosophy is embodied in the Chinese proverb:

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

Currently we offer three creativity training programmes:

Latent Creativity. At Coaching Ideas we recognise that within everyone’s character lies the ability to express a higher level of creative thinking and creative teamworking. Everyone can learn and benefit.

The latent Creativity Programme is a 2 day event, which teaches people the basis of our 5 step model for excellence. This programme is ideal for teams, who will understand how creative teams work together, as well as for individuals, who can apply the principles in their own workplace.

The Secrets of Lateral Thinking. Ever wondered how some people manage to ‘have’ ideas? Ever wondered why ideas just pop into your head, and wished you could do it more often? If so, then The Secrets of lateral Thinking is for you.

This is a full day programme which inspires people with techniques which, when used together, can produce those non-intuitive leaps which is known as lateral thinking.

Innovation Techniques. A half day event that teaches 4 of our proprietary innovation techniques.