Meeting Facilitation

It’s bad enough organising a big meeting, so why make it worse by simultaneously trying to keep it on track, stimulate peoples’ thinking, and contribute?

Coaching Ideas can help you to plan the process, bring stimulating idea generation techniques, and maintain focus, so that you will be free to contribute which means that you are more likely to achieve a positive outcome for your meeting.

What we will do is:

1. Before:

  • Meet with you to review the meeting structure and outcome
  • Review team members’ expectations and feelings

2. During:

  • Contribute stimulus material to create positive energy, enthusiasm, and ideas
  • Agree team values to create alignment
  • Maintain focus on the outcome
  • Ensure full participation and contribution

3. After:

  • Summarise the output
  • Follow up coaching sessions to ensure that agreed actions are pursued

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“An excellent facilitator, totally professional, with great attention to detail.

“Ian has worked with Effective Brands running marketing and brand activation workshops throughout Europe and Asia. He has consistently achieved outstanding results and received extremely positive feedback from the participants. His unique understanding of marketing, product development, and creativity, plus his cultural awareness, make him a first choice for facilitating international meetings. “

Helen Duce, Partner, Effective Brands UK