Company Profile

Coaching Ideas was established in 2005 as a privately held company, and is led by Ian Walton, a PhD scientist and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Ian established the company to fill the gap which exists between conventional coaching, and idea generation. Most idea generation companies will only help you to have the ideas, and then leave. Most coaches will only enable you to solve individual problems, but don’t really get involved in the idea generation process. And neither tend to help you to understand and learn the techniques. So hence the opportunity for Coaching Ideas, which facilitates the idea generation process, teaches people how to do it, and coaches them as well. Of course Coaching Ideas can help with the individual elements, but the real strength is the entire process.

By using a network of associates, who have specific expertise in Marketing, HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Innovation Management, and NLP, Coaching Ideas has the ability to work with companies from a wide range of industry sectors and is able to help them generate and implement new ideas for business growth. All of our services can therefore be tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

After graduating from Manchester University in England, Ian spent the next 25 years in new product development in the consumer goods industry. This involved working on projects in 33 countries around the world, and 10 years living in Asia, in Japan and Thailand. This extensive global experience has given Ian a unique ability to empathise with and hence work effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which are key strengths that he brings to coaching.

Ian has now applied his unique insights and experiences of Eastern and Western cultures, and his experience of marketing, innovation, leadership, and coaching of multicultural teams to the challenge of helping people to identify creative solutions to problems.

In addition to being a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Ian is a Member of the American Board of NLP and a Member of the International Coach Federation.